Church Softplay Ground Cleaning

Pressure Washing Services for Children’s Play Areas

Some people assume that outdoor play areas are clean because they are exposed to rain and sunshine that wash away and dry out dirt. But this isn’t always the case. Will you expose your children to germs and bacteria that rainwater cannot easily wash out?

Ultra Power Pressure Washing provides soft pressure cleaning for children’s play areas. We have a meticulous cleaning process that removes all traces of sweat, saliva, mucus, vomit, blood or any other body fluids left behind by the children who play there. We also get rid of dirt and debris that have accumulated in hard-to-reach places of the play area.

Our Children’s Play Area Cleaning Process

Whether it is a children’s play area or any other hard surface, our pressure washing services always begin with an enquiry. When you ask us about our services, we either schedule an on-site visit or request you to send us a photo of the area so that we can give you a quotation.

After we agree on the date and time for the pressure cleaning service, expect us to arrive promptly at the play area. We get started by clearing up debris on the surface. These include leaves, branches, plastic wrappers and other types of rubbish that we can sweep up.

When the surface is free from debris, we get started with pressure cleaning that brings deeply ingrained dirt to the surface. Once we extract everything, we cart the dirt away and dispose of it appropriately.

We then sweep the entire surface one last time just to make sure that there really is no more dirt or debris. Finally, we rinse off the surface with our fan jet for impeccable results.

Contact us today and request a free quotation of pressure cleaning for your children’s play area. Call our London office on 0207 821 1221 or our Bromley office on 01689 857932.

Contact us on 01689 857 932 or 0207 821 1221 and get a free, no obligation quotation! Or, alternatively fill out our contact form and we will get back to you ASAP

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